Search Engine Optimisation for Your New Site

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Are You Ready for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on Your Web Site?

Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), your beautiful site could be a 'white elephant' - expensive in money and expensive in time causing you and your business disappointment, heartache and, potentially, failure.  After being convinced that SEO is essential, the too common response is "Lets pay to get our already beautiful site SEOed!"  This could be a serious mistake.

A market analysis and a consequent plan of action are essential pre-requisites to successful SEO. Molehill Web Works has the technical knowledge and real-life experience necessary to guide your enterprise to online success.

The following paragraphs briefly explain the pervasive nature of SEO in a web based enterprise.

What is SEO?b2ap3_thumbnail_SEO_Competition_Analysis.jpg

SEO is not a simple add-on to an existing or planned web site.  SEO is a matrix of:

  • technology and delivery platform,
  • structure and construction of the website,
  • carefully researched content,
  • assembled and continuously maintained
  • placing a web site and its pages before a target audience.

The objective of SEO is not to maximise the absolute number of 'hits' or visitors.
Rather, competent SEO aims to place before the person making the search (your customer):

  • the information,
  • services and products,
  • related to the search terms, and
  • to the intent of the searcher.

This requires that:

  1. the web page appears high on the first page of the search results,
  2. the people searching are in a target market niche highly probable to convert to action such as purchase, and
  3. the snippets of information presented in the search result favourably differentiates the offering.

Words of Caution.  In past years, all sorts of 'tricks' have been used by web masters and SEO practitioners to improperly gain high page ranking. The search engines do evolve rapidly so as to enhance the reputation of each search engine to become the search engine of choice. This enhanced reputation and market share comes from the search engine reliably presenting the searcher with quality pages of highly reputed sources most relevant to the search. Don't try to fool the search engines - they don't forgive easily. Search engines down-rate and even penalise those web sites and pages employing 'tricks' rather than presenting quality and authorative content. 

Catch the eyes of visitors and lead them to the desired action, eg purchase, using competent web site design and writing.  However, the page must be presented to the reader first.  This requires that the text content is relevant, clear, concise and otherwise well written using customer niche keywords highly accessible to the search engines. There are tools such as the Google Keyword Tool and Wordtracker - Keywords Tool which will assist keyword researchClick on the preceding links for useful information.

SEO writing
Ingredients of the SEO matrix include:

  • Excellence of Website Design Targeting a Well Researched Market Niche.
  • Excellent Website Technical Structure & SEO Optimisation
  • Professional Website Development to Guide Search Engines to Relevant Information.
  • Professional Copywriting of Content Clearly of Interest to a Well Researched Market Niche.
  • Dynamic Relevant Content Encouraging Revisits and Authoritative Inbound Links.
  • Social Media Optimisation & Enhanced Engagement with Your Audience.

Later articles will outline some of the pre-requisite analysis and planning.

   Talk to Molehill Web Works when ready to get that analysis, planning, implementation and ongoing management underway for the success of your enterprise.

'Plan for the future because that is where you will spend the rest of your life.'
— Mark Twain

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